If you’ve been experiencing any discomfort with your bras or lingering backaches, it could be that you’re not receiving the proper amount of support because you’re wearing the wrong size. Shockingly enough, thousands of women are wearing the wrong bra size right now and have absolutely no idea. A bra shouldn’t make you dread life while wearing it. Underwire shouldn’t be digging into your sides throughout the entire day, it shouldn’t be riding up your back, rubbing under your breasts or annoyingly causing irritation where the straps are. In reality, you shouldn’t feel anything less than a lingerie runway model. So enjoy these tips on getting yourself out of that statistic of women wearing the wrong size, and get the best fitting bra for you.

Find Your Bra Size

The first step to finding the best fitting bra is to find the right size. You can always get a fitting at a lingerie store, but you can just as easily find your bra size right in the comfort of your own home. So, grab your tape measure and wrap it around your body just under your breasts. Try to keep it as straight as possible and record that number in inches. If the number is odd, round it up as bras typically only come in even-number sizes such as 32, 34, 36 etc. Now, to find your cup size, measure around your body again but this time, make sure the tape measure is going across the fullest part of your breast. Record this number and find the difference between that and the number recorded for your band size.

If the difference is:

Under 1 inch, you are an AAA cup.
1 inch, you are an AA cup
2 inches you are an A cup
3 inches you’re a B cup
4 inches and you’re a C cup
5 inches and you’re a D cup
6 inches and you’re a DD cup
7 inches and you’re an E cup
8 inches and you’re a DDD or F cup
9 inches and you’re a DDDD or G cup

And so on and so forth.


Finding the Right Fit

There is always going to be an incredible difference between bras manufactured at Anita as opposed to generic stores filled with mass produced products. Shopping at a retailer that focuses specific attention on undergarments could be all you need to enhance your bra-wearing experience. These stores have better options because of time put into the craft of the bras, the high quality materials used and they simply spend a significantly longer time analyzing the final product to ensure that you’re left with nothing short of comfortable, supportive bra that doesn’t irritate you. That’s also not to mention that prestigious lingerie stores often offer a better selection of sizes so you can truly find one that fits just right. The best part is definitely the durability that comes with high quality bras. You don’t have to worry about that underwire poking into your side while you’re in the middle of a date, or the clasps accidentally popping open when you’re wearing a revealing shirt.


Finding the Right Style

You could also be wearing the wrong style of bra. Some people find strapless to be more comfortable while others prefer padding, gel, super thin fabrics and the list of possible elements goes on and on. To each their own. So you deserve to find a bra style that you feel best in. Try on a variety of different styles the next time you’re shopping or go through your own collection and see which ones you wear frequently and get rid of the ones that you hate.











You and your breasts deserve the best possible experience, and you can get that right now at Anita.com or an Anita store nearest to you.

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