nursing bras for large breasts

Are you experiencing pain or discomfort from the tightness of your bra? It’s well worth investing in comfortable high-quality nursing bras for large breasts. Many new moms make the mistake of buying the wrong size nursing bra because their bodies changed during pregnancy and afterward when they started breastfeeding.

Attempting to force swollen breasts into a nursing bra that is too small can lead to all sorts of unpleasant symptoms that include pain, restricted circulation, difficulty nursing, and even rashing in the breasts and under the bosom. For this reason, we strongly advise all of our online shoppers to consult the size chart that is conveniently located next to each product’s description in order to get a good starting point to what their size is. Measuring your bra size is not an exact science though, but it points you in the right direction.

With nursing bras for large breasts from Anita Maternity, you can help reduce discomfort while nursing!

When it comes to your comfort and health after pregnancy, finding the best nursing bras is essential, whether you’re nursing or using a breast pump. A comfy bra can make all the difference in the world here.

Additionally, if you wear a bra that is too restrictive around the cup or the rib band and presses down on your breasts, you may experience issues with the flow of your milk or possibly a reduction in the amount of milk you produce.

Check out these helpful tips if you’re on the hunt for a nursing bra to support your gorgeous, full breasts.

Find A Bra That Can Be Adjusted

Approximately 90% of all women are wearing the wrong size bra and having bigger breasts and gaining or losing weight quickly during and after pregnancy only makes the problem worse. If your bra was snug in the first month of your pregnancy, it may be too small by the time you reach the end of your third trimester.

nursing bras for large breasts

For the first weeks after giving birth, you might want a nursing bra that is more flexible and adjusts to your breasts, such as our SEAMLESS nursing bra that is made of smooth stretchy microfiber for added comfort.

Look for A Bra That Has a Wide Cup and Band Size Range

This is a common problem among women. When shopping for a bra, most women will find options in cup sizes 34B, 36C, 38D, and so on. However, once you need a G, H, I, or J cup, you’ll find that you’re limited to buying a bra and the same goes for the band size, it is more difficult to find a size 40, 42, or 44.

This indicates that a significant number of us are wearing the incorrect bra size. And if you’re wearing the incorrect band size, you won’t receive the necessary support, which is where many issues originate.

It is important to have a bra with a wider, more supportive band at the bottom. This helps spread weight more evenly across the underbust. This is necessary because the band provides the majority of the support.

Our FLEUR underwire nursing bra is a great option because it is made for women who need a larger cup sizes up to a J Cup and a band size between 30 and 46.

nursing bras for large breasts

A Proper Nursing Bra Can Help A Breastfeeding Mother With Large Breasts

We get a lot of requests for advice on nursing from women who have larger breasts. If you’re breastfeeding in public, you may find this especially challenging to do without the right kind of nursing bra.

Even when women with large breasts are in public, we want breastfeeding to be as easy and uncomplicated as possible for them, which is why we designed the MISS LOVELY, FLEUR, and BASIC nursing bras with a variety of features that make this possible, especially with our easy access nursing clips.

Are Nursing Bras Really Necessary?

If you’re trying to cram your boobs into the wrong bra or aren’t getting adequate support, you could be putting your comfort and health at risk. This is why having a good nursing bra is so important.

A nursing bra for large breasts that can stretch and adapt to your changing breast size is extremely useful during and after pregnancy. Besides, a comfortable nursing bra is worth the investment over a larger ordinary bra because it is made specifically for moms, with features like clip-down cups for easy nursing access. Also, the cups are made to mold to your changing bust, giving you support without being too tight.

Choose a nursing bra that makes you feel comfortable and confident. However, if you’re more full-figured and want to be as comfy as possible, you’ve come to the perfect location. We carry a very variety of sizes, shapes, and designs, so your specific needs will be met with Anita Maternity.

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