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Nursing bras by Anita maternity are not just superbly comfortable to wear. They also look gorgeous!

The specially developed nursing clips are easy use, allowing the cups to be opened wide for uncomplicated and quick breastfeeding. Our bras come with comfortably wide and padded straps,  fit superbly and offer firm support - even into the larger cup sizes.

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After the birth of your child, your head will be full of so many thoughts and concerns. Finding the perfect nursing bra doesn't have to be one of them.


These speciality bras are no longer just boring essentials. Depending on your taste and preferences, Anita maternity bras come in enchanting patterns, trendy colours, sexy lace styles , or sophisticated basics in classically simple cuts and colours.


So that you always feel completely comfortable in your underwear, we are always working on new models. All kinds of nursing bras: with or without underwire, with moulded cups or seamed cups. The functionality, shape and support of this special bra is maintained even up to larger cup sizes.

 In our maternity range, every mother will find her favourite nursing bra.



All about nursing bras


What is a nursing bra - when do I need one?

The main difference between a regular bra and a nursing bra is the nursing clips on the straps. They are easy to open with one hand and allow uncomplicated breastfeeding without having to remove your bra. 

A bra from Anita maternity also features extra soft and comfortable materials that perfectly support and gently shape the sensitive breasts. A normal bra made from firmer fabric could constrict the sensitive breast tissue, so a nursing bra should be worn immediately after birth - when breastfeeding starts. 

Why do you need an extra bra for breastfeeding?

During the breastfeeding period, your breasts get heavier as milk is produced. That means they need good support, otherwise the sensitive breast tissue is put under too much strain, and this can lead to back pain.

A good bra with fold-down cups is perfect for breastfeeding, and does what a normal bra can't. A good nursing bra should be made from soft materials, yet still provide the breasts with perfect support. But nursing bras are also incredibly functional and practical. The cups are easy to open and close with one hand, giving your baby simple and quick access to your breast.

If you are often out and about, a breastfeeding bra is particularly useful. It gives you plenty of freedom of movement and is easy to wear, even under figure hugging outerwear.

The Anita nursing bras are characterized by the following criteria:

  • Comfortable, padded straps that are wider in larger sizes to relieve the shoulders
  • Soft, concealing cup, so that nursing pads don't show through
  • The elastic frame supports the breasts even when the cup is open
  • Elastic, adjustable straps with nursing bands that won't slip off your shoulders when the cup is open
  • Nickel-free bra adjusters to prevent skin irritation              
  • Soft, hypo-allergenic fabrics with flat seams and finished edges                                                   
  • Extra-wide opening for more nursing comfort
  • Nursing clip, convenient and easy to open with one hand                                    
  • The underbust band can be adjusted multiple ways to ensure the bra still fits you if you lose weight while you are nursing.
  • Elastic and supportive back


What should you look for when buying?

Basically, it's up to you to decide which type of nursing bra you choose, whether sexy, seductive, or practical, with or without underwire.

The most important factors are your comfort, and finding the proper size bra, because it is very important that the milk ducts and glands around the breast are not obstructed.

Nursing bra with or without underwire?

As long as you feel comfortable, there is nothing wrong with wearing a bra with underwire while you are breastfeeding. Just as long as the underwire sits perfectly and does not dig in or constrict your breast, because this could lead to blocked milk ducts. Try it out for yourself, to see whether you feel comfortable in nursing bras with or without underwire, and get expert fitting advice. 

What size nursing bra do I need?

Since your breasts are very sensitive after pregnancy and during breastfeeding, it is important to wear a properly fitting bra in the correct size. To correctly determine your bra size, you should first measure yourself exactly, either at home or with the help of a bra fitter in a specialist lingerie store. 

It's best not to buy a nursing bra too early, but only after the 36th week of pregnancy, because otherwise it may quickly become too small. Be sure to try on this special bra before you buy it, and test it for function and comfort. Click here to find more info about fitting, finding the right bra, and to try our size calculator.

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How do Anita maternity bras with nursing clips work?

The nursing clips specially developed for our maternity bras are very easy and convenient to open with one hand, so that you can support your baby undisturbed in the other arm. 

The wide opening allows the cup to be folded down, so that the breast is easy for your baby to access.

Depending on the model, a narrow band or a soft nursing support at the side prevents the straps from slipping off the shoulder while breastfeeding. 

Can I also wear a nursing bra at night?

All Anita maternity bras feature super-flat seams, and fabric that nestles gently against your skin, so you will hardly notice our nursing bras if you wear them at night.

After the birth, we recommend that you wear a nursing bra at night, since milk may leak from your breasts as it does during the day. The gentle support for your breasts can also feel comfortable. 

The best bras for sleeping in are underwire free seamless bras.


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