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Tips on how to take the perfect measurements

  • Wear a T-shirt bra without padding.
  • Adjust the straps so that the tip of your breast – as seen from the side – is in the middle of the cup.
  • Have a friend help you with the measurements.

Step 1: Take your underbust measurement

Step 1: Take your underbust measurement

1. Place the measuring tape flat against your skin – directly under your breasts. Make sure that the tape runs horizontally around your torso and is at the same height under your breast as on your back. Allow your arms to hang down naturally and breathe as usual.

2. Tighten the measuring tape a little and round the measurement up or down to the next full number. (Example: Round up to 73 cm if you have measured 72.8 cm or round down to 72 cm if the measurement shows 72.2 cm)

3. Move the slider to that position. 

f the bra feels itchy or scratchy

The elastic tapes chafe, the bra fastener creates friction, the lace irritates the skin...

When it comes to underwear, high-quality, comfortable materials and a good overall finish are particularly important. We want your lingerie to feel like a second skin, and that is why we select our fabrics and other components with utmost care. Find out here about the materials and suppliers ANITA uses.

Our tip:

Sister sizes 

Always try a twin size or cross-over size bra if there are minor fit issues. An example of sister sizes would be 75B and 70C.

Choose one cup size larger if you have the feeling that the cup is just a little too small and at the same time choose the underbust band one size smaller.