We have a little tip for any of you who are feeling as cold as we are in this chilly snap. Rather than shiver your way through the journey to work and then huddle in your coat at your desk all day (because once you feel really chilly it seems to stay with you all day right?) you simply wear a body instead of a bra. That’s right, it’s so simple and so effective you will kick yourself for not thinking of it earlier. In fact it was when we were sitting around discussing topics for this very blog that Jemma Barnes, our UK manager pointed out that one of the many benefits of wearing a ‘body’ was that it was so much warmer than a bra and knickers! Talk about a light bulb moment, honestly we all sat up and started combing the Anita since 1886 and the Rosa Faia catalogues for our personal favourites to immediately add to our winter wardrobe.

The extra layer of material under your work clothes really does make a difference in how warm you feel. I suppose it’s the equivalent of being told to wear a vest by your mother when you were a child but it really warms you up and gives you a feeling of support throughout the day as well.

There are of course other benefits of wearing a body instead of your regular underwear, these revolve around the issues of style and shaping. Wearing a body as a base layer provides a lovely clean line for clothes to hang from. A dress will skim neatly over your hips with the help of the body, trousers do up more easily and sit nicely on the hips as the body will naturally create a smoother tummy as it gently shapes your midriff. The support to the back, while minimal in itself, helps to improve your posture as well since you tend to sit and stand in a more upright manner creating a slimmer silhouette and reducing back and shoulder pain from hunching over all day.


Anita since 1886 – Airita Anita since 1886 – Clara Anita since 1886 – Havanna
    • Dear Ana,

      All of our models have been designed with the female curves in mind. The fabrics used have higher spandex contents along the sides and more firm parts where we want stronger shaping effects, e.g. in our belly area. This gently allows for shaping but also allows freedom of movement and the fabric to adapt to your body. All the best, Kristina from the Anita Team

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    • Dear Sarah,

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      Best regards, Kristina

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