Waste not want not our grandmothers used to tell us and this old adage still holds true today. If we take care of things then they will perform better, last longer and deliver more bang for our buck. A sports bra is one of the more expensive pieces of kit that you will be investing in when you start your keep fit regime so it makes sense to look after it properly and ensure that it lasts as long as possible before you have to fork out again to replace it.

It may be a drag but hand washing will really prolong the life of a bra (true for all bras as it happens). They don’t get really dirty and a gentle hand wash to freshen them up is all that is needed and they won’t stretch out of shape in the spin cycle. If you must machine wash then use a laundry bag. Secondly you should always hang them up to dry, the heat from a tumble dryer will damage the bra structure causing it to become floppier and less supportive.

If you follow the above tips for washing and drying your sports bras you can expect them to last considerably longer than they might do otherwise and you will automatically save money on unnecessary replacements.


Another lesson granny taught us of course is to buy the best you can afford, skimping on quality is a fool’s game and a false economy as the bra may not fit or support you properly. You will only end up replacing it sooner than necessary and you won’t have enjoyed correct support while you used it! So choose wisely when you are selecting a brand and don’t be fooled into thinking that cheaper is just as good, it definitely is not!

Anita has been making women’s lingerie for 130 years and every Anita active bra is subjected to tough quality control before it ever leaves the factory so you can rest assured that you are in safe hands when you buy Anita active.

So… are you looking for some inspiration to brighten up your sports wardrobe? Or perhaps your sports bra has seen better days, (check for holes, bobbling, stretched under bands and other tell-tale signs that your bra could be on its way out) and you need some ideas for a new one?

Anita have a great collection of award winning sports bras* and with retailers all over the world why not check out our latest styles and colours and get yourself set for spring. There are a number of different sports bras that you can choose from depending on your personal preference so lets remind ourselves of the Anita Active collection this spring.

Remember though ladies, whichever bra you choose, make sure that you remember Grannies words of wisdom and wash and dry it carefully. You can be certain that your breasts (as well as your purse) will thank you for it!

*Both momentum and dynamiX star from Anita active were awarded the Red Dot design award at their launch for the quality and technical innovation of the product. Previous winners of this award included the Iphone.

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