Beautiful blue lace prosthetic bra with breast form pockets on both sides from Anita care

It’s an unavoidable fact that every girl needs a proper bra wardrobe. We are not talking about storage here ladies, we don’t mean that your bra’s need a special closet dedicated to their care, no no, we are talking about a variety of different styles and shapes to cater for all your underwear needs. No one bra is going to work for all occasions and outfits so there’s no point having several identical bras even if they are all different colours.

The need for an all-encompassing bra collection does not change post-surgery, in fact if anything it may even be more important depending on the type of surgery that you have undergone. There are special considerations when choosing bras after surgery and this blog is going to look at some of the staples from the Anita wardrobe that we believe every woman should have to hand.

So where to start… How about the trusty T-Shirt bra? There’s nothing worse than seeing bumpy embroidery through a t-shirt or other smooth fitting garment, it makes you look a bit out of shape and ruins the smooth lines of your silhouette. Although we all love pretty embroidered lingerie it has its place and under a t-shirt is not it.

So the first bra we recommend you add to your new collection is Tonya, a super comfortable T-shirt bra with soft preformed cups for super smoothness (really helpful if you have had a partial mastectomy) and concealed pockets made of delicate breathable tulle. Its available in black, white and nude so you can rely on it to remain invisible whatever colour you are wearing on top.  Anita Care mastectomy tshirt bra Tonya

Next up is the everyday bra, the one you want to grab for work, the school run, housework and shopping, the practical everyday must have. For this we love Safina. It’s available in a whole array of colours, Grey Pearl, Blue Iris, Crystal, Black, White and Skin so it’s very versatile and is one of Anita’s best-selling post-mastectomy bras. Supportive and comfortable the Safina features wide padded straps that won’t cut into your shoulders and pretty voile embroidery which is transparent at the top of the cup for an extra special feminine touch of glamour.

Safina mastectomy bra from Anita Care

Of course there are times when you want something a little bit special, when your everyday bra isn’t going to cut it and you want something lacy and luxurious. The new Fleur bra is perfect. Its cheeky and lacy and would add a sparkle to any occasion with its graphic floral lace band and colour contrasting bow. It has soft breast form pockets made of cotton on both sides and a very soft stretch neckline band.

Fleur feminie post mastectomy bra from Anita Care

A camisole bra is a useful addition to your bra wardrobe ladies, they offer all the support of a usual bra but as you will see from the image of Abra below, they have a built in lace ‘modesty panel’ which is great for lower cut necklines as it stays close to the body when you lean forward. Available in Black, White or Crystal you can find one to compliment most outfits and the concealing lace panel and lace straps will leave you feeling feminine and fabulous with no concerns about any visible post-surgery scars. And of course ‘Abra’, like all Anita Care Bras, has pockets on both sides.

Abra camisole bra for post surgery and mastectomy from Anita Care

Another bra you will almost certainly want to add is a sports bra. With more and more Breast care nurses actively encouraging patients to return to the gym and the pool after surgery to boost recovery, improve general fitness and aid emotional healing you need to make sure that you are properly supporting the delicate breast tissue during any exercise you are undertaking.

The new cayenne pepper XControl sports bra is bound to get you feeling sporty before you even set foot in the gym with its bright colours and high functioning support. Supersoft in all the places it touches the skin the XControl sports bra is pocketed on both sides (not that you would ever know it) and is ideal for all levels of activity. It comes with a matching sports brief.

Anita care Xcontrol mastectomy high impact sports bra

The final bra we are going to suggest you add to your wardrobe is a sleep bra. For those times when your breasts are sore or painful a well-fitting soft cup sleep bra can mean the difference between a good night’s sleep or a night spent tossing and turning and feeling uncomfortable. Especially post-surgery you may feel the need for some extra support while you sleep and the Calmia is a superb choice.

Calmia post mastectomy and radiation sleeping bra

Gentle and soothing, this soft bustier protects, calms and soothes after breast surgery and helps alleviate skin oversensitivity often associated with radiation therapy. There are no seams to irritate the skin as the double-moulded cups are turned and sewn together and the inner lining is made of superfine microfiber for a silky-soft feel, ensuring maximum comfort when you need it most.

So ladies there we have it, your complete post-surgery bra wardrobe suggestions. Check the website for stockists of any of the styles you would like to try and do let us know how you get on.

    • Kristina Schradstetter says:

      Dear Susanne Jönsson, thank you for your comment. We do carry compression tights within our medical garment range. With the help of our store locator on our web site you will find retailers Close to your area, who can explain and show our compression products in detail. Warm regards, Kristina

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