how to choose among many bras the one that fits perfectly

We write a lot about getting a well-fitting bra on this blog but we won’t apologise for it. One of the essential items in any women’s wardrobe (after all we don’t all wear cowboy boots but we all need a bra) it is the staple underpinning of any outfit we put together. So once again let’s have a look at how to choose correctly and why it matters so much.

A well-fitting bra ultimately means a comfortable day for you. You should be able to put it on in the morning and then forget you are wearing it, if that’s not the case something is wrong and boy it’s annoying to be fiddling with your bra all day.

Breasts have no muscles, they are made of soft tissue supported by one ligament on each breast , so it’s easy to lose them in a southerly direction if we don’t look after them by wearing the right sized bra, with the right level of support. In addition , looking great in your clothes means having the right foundations , a badly fitted bra can create lumps, bumps and bulges that as well as being uncomfortable , don’t make you feel or look great in your favourite outfit either. Well fitted uplifted breasts can take inches off anyone’s waistline and create hourglass figures even the world’s greatest sex sirens would be proud of!

Get measured to find a bra that fits you


Ideally you should be re- fitted by a qualified bra fitter every six months, however, anything that may change your body shape will mean that the size, shape or form of your breasts may also change. So any weight changes, changes to lifestyle and diet such as a new more vigorous fitness regime, even hormonal changes can change the way your bra fits and feels on your body. Generally if your bra starts to feel different, whether that’s looser tighter or just plain uncomfortable – don’t wait, get yourself re-fitted because comfort and support are always a welcome relief!

Young girl has a problem with putting on her bra after gaining weight

It is always preferable to be fitted professionally but if it really isn’t possible here are a few handy hints that might help avoid unsightly body contours and discomfort. When you have the bra on slip your straps’ off your shoulders and see if the bra stays in place – it should! If not then it doesn’t have enough support in its structure and your shoulders will take too much strain and get grooved and marked. Always make sure no breast tissue over hangs the top of the bra cup, there should be a smooth natural line from the bra to the chest wall, sausages of escaping breast look unsightly and can cause damage to the breast tissue. Make sure the bra does not lift on the under band allowing the breast to “fall out” underneath the under wires or under band – if it does so – the cup is too small and it will be uncomfortable and can lead to damaged breast tissue.

In general, move around in the bra! Try sitting down and moving your arms around , we are not sedentary in life we move , so test the bra under real circumstances.

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