It’s that time of year again, silly season approaches bringing with it the usual round of sophisticated soirees, cocktail evenings, office parties and seasonal celebrations. It’s usually about now that we start to feel slightly panicked that we haven’t lost that extra half stone we have been promising ourselves all summer and wonder frantically what we are going to wear to all these exciting events and evenings out.

Well we can’t choose your dress for you as we don’t know where you are going of course, but what we CAN do is guide you to the correct type of bra and shapewear for your chosen styles.

There is nothing worse than buying a beautiful dress and then trying it on only to find that it clings in all the wrong places or it gapes at the top because your bra isn’t supporting your breasts properly. The correct underwear can not only smooth away any unwanted lumps and bumps but it can actually improve your posture which will work wonders for your overall body shape and leave you feeling confident and ready to dazzle!

So here are our underwear solutions for some different dress types this party season.

Any strapless, halter neck, cut away or shoe string dress is going to need a strapless bra. The problem with this in the past has been that the tendency of many strapless bras on the market is to flatten the breasts as it anchors to the skin. This is particularly evident if you are a larger cup size and can leave you looking and feeling extremely uncomfortable not to mention giving you a rather odd shape. The other issue is that often, they simply don’t stay up!

The ROSA FAIA Padded Basic is unapologetically one of our proudest achievements. Not only is it super comfortable, it’s also incredibly supportive, gives you a great shape and it stays put! Even better it has versatile multi-way straps making it ideal for all outfits you might want to wear it with after the seasonal celebrations are over. It goes up to a G cup and we firmly believe this is the best fitting and most supportive strapless bra on the market today.

Because the bra doesn’t adhere to the skin at the top of the cup like some designs it won’t flatten the breast but will instead hold the breasts in the optimum position to fill out your dress and create a flattering bust line.

Now we have sorted out the underwear solution for strapless dresses and pretty halter neck tops let’s think about the tummy and hips. This is another problem area for many of us but it doesn’t need to be. A carefully chosen piece of well-fitting shapewear will work wonders in smoothing out the silhouette and creating those coveted curves.


There are several different styles of shapewear and you need to choose the one that tackles your own individual problem areas. If you are just wanting a bit of tummy control then the Twin shaper firm high waist Brief is probably all you need. If your thighs and behind are the issue then you could choose the Twin Shaper longleg panty girdle which will create a smoother line for the dress to skim over.

So remember if you are planning your party outfit, there’s no need to worry about your underwear, ROSA FAIA have a solution for every underwear problem. All you need to do is put it on!

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