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The best treatment following a mastectomy

High-quality breast prostheses, mastectomy bras and swimwear with a perfect fit

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The ANITA TriProVita system

Breast prostheses, specialist bras and swimwear from one supplier

Specialist bras, swimwear and breast prostheses - together, these three elements make up the TriProVita system by Anita. All models are developed by ANITA Dr. Helbig GmbH and manufactured in the company’s own factories so that all products are perfectly co-ordinated.

In this way, you can be sure that you are wearing products that comply with the highest quality standard . Anita care mastectomy bras and mastectomy swimwear offer you the best support, an excellent fit and maximum comfort that feels natural on the skin.

TriProVita System

How was Anita care created?

Dr. Christine Weber-Unger - the mother of the current owner - had a pivotal role in the development of shapewear and swimwear products for post-op mastectomy patients. She dedicated herself with great passion to the physical circumstances of women and developed, with practical understanding, special products for these situations.

The Segment mastectomy bra was created in the 60s because an employee fell ill and had to undergo a mastectomy. With the simplest resources, Dr. Weber-Unger began to sew fabric prosthesis that were filled with rice. The first bras were also created around the same time into which these prostheses could be integrated. 

The early 70s brought about the innovation of placing silicone in a casing of skin-like material to create a significantly more natural breast prosthesis. Dr. Weber-Unger picked up on this idea and ANITA perfected it in series production.