Prostheses for treatment with full prosthetics


Full prostheses for perfect breast balance

Prostheses for treatment with full prosthetics are made of silicone and are used after radical surgery to balance the breast and potential unevenness.

  • Silicone prostheses with or without movement pleat called Flex Gap to enable natural swaying characteristics
  • Excellent skin tolerance
  • Prostheses are very similar in softness and weight to the biological breast

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In-house prosthesis production with excellent quality

We manufacture our prostheses at our locations in Brannenburg, Upper Bavaria, and in Matrei, East Tyrol. Each breast prosthesis is thoroughly checked at the end of the manufacturing process. Then you can be sure that you are wearing a top quality product.


Light & Soft Breast Forms

So light and so natural 

Our Anita care Light & Soft breast forms are both soft and natural. Women who have undergone breast surgery can choose between ”Light“ and ”Super light“. Despite its reduced weight, the breast form still moves like a natural breast.

The Light & Soft breast forms ensure freedom of movement, excellent fit, also over uneven scar tissue, and a natural cup shape. The thin edge does a particularly good job of concealing the transition of the breast form to the skin. Also a good choice for active women.


  • SoftLite silicone breast forms with or without a fold for freedom of moevement
  • Unique technology with the patented Flex-Gap fold: for natural movement and shaping when lying down, just like the conserved breast
  • "Light" and "Super light" - the Light & Soft breast forms are up to 42% lighter than a prosthesis that would provide full weight compensation


Light & Cool Breast Forms

So I can feel free

We at Anita care are the only manufacturers in the world to make silicone breast forms with a breathable, textile, microfibre backing. A unique feature that, together with the patented ribbed construction, keeps the skin pleasantly dry. The microfibre backing covers the entire rear of all Light & Cool breast forms, allowing them to be worn directly on the skin, which feels good for the wearer. Wonderfully soft, exceptionally skin-friendly and breathable in all climatic and body conditions for a completely new feeling of comfort.


  • Unique technology with breathable, textile, microfibre backing (the benefits of the backing are maintained only when worn with bras and pockets made of microfibre or micromodal fibre)
  • Exceptionally skin-compatible
  • Vergeleken met vergelijkbare volledige prothesen met siliconengel tot 25% lichter


Light & Active Breast Forms

So I can stay active

Anita care has developed a special breast form that women can wear during sports. It is exceptionally skin friendly thanks to its patented ribbed structure. The air chambers stop the breast form from sitting entirely on the skin, thus increasing air circulation. This can also help prevent excessive sweating caused by doing exercise or taking medication.

With the Light & Active breast forms, active women can plan their day’s sports, relying on secure support and optimum air circulation.

  • Patented ribbed construction with a special, lightweight design
  • Brilliantly suited to all sports activities
  • The water runs away more quickly when swimming thanks to the ribbed structure
  • The skin can breathe thanks to the air chamber
  • Up to 25% lighter than coparable full breast forms with silicone gel


Standard & Soft Breast Forms

So I can feel secure

After breast surgery, even more than an evenly balanced appearance, an evenly balanced weight distribution is essential for physical well-being. Full breast forms with full weight compensation enable to strike a balance not only in terms of appearance, but also in terms of weight. 

  • For a natural look and feel
  • Tapered edges and different shapes perfectly tend to all kinds of needs