Terms of use

Agreement with Anita Service GmbH

Use of images

The customer is authorized to use original pictures and logos of the Anita Service GmbH for the customer website or in ads. The content must meet the company policy and interests of the Anita group. The images from the Anita GmbH are offered in 72 dpi for internet and 300 dpi for printing - they are found in the protected B2B area on www.anita.com. The customer is responsible, that the artwork on his homepage is always up to date.

Links to the homepage

The customer receives permission to set a link to the homepage www.anita.com. The content of the customer site must meet ethical business practices and not violate the interests of the Anita group. 

Privacy Policy

The customer agrees to not give the received access data to third parties (for his own protection).
Additionally, the customer can use the image data only for his own marketing purposes (print and website). Any use for other purposes and disclosure to third parties is prohibited.


Anita Service GmbH
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