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Sports bras for curvy women

When it comes to plus size women’s sports bras, there are a lot more requirements and specialized features to look for to ensure you’re comfortable and supported during any workout. Our collection of sports bras for curvy women are made specifically with bigger cup sizes and comfort in mind. Our materials and designs are made specifically for plus size women’s bodies. They are known for their excellent fit, their high quality, their comfort and their incredibly reliable support.

Our plus size women’s sports bras go up to a K cup, with specific band sizing along the way. We have received international awards for the design and function of our sports bras that work for every woman, whether you’re a triathlete or a yoga newbie.

No matter the style, all of our plus size women’s sports bras have an accurate fit with multiple rows of hooks and adjustable straps, allowing each sports bra to adapt to your individual size perfectly. The straps are ergonomically shaped and include extra padding to support your shoulders, neck, and back during intense workouts. The fabrics are made to be comfortable and soft while also keeping your breasts in place which reduces chafing.

Feel comfortable, confident, and ready for any challenge!