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Family business
for over 130 years

with more than 1,600 employees worldwide in 6 production facilities and 20 sales subsidiaries.

Impressions of our main locations

Our head office in Brannenburg – the beating heart of Anita

Our main location, the beating heart of our company, is located in Brannenburg, against a backdrop of the beautiful Alps in Upper Bavaria. The company is now operated by the fourth generation of the founding family, and currently employs around 300 people. Our employees are dedicated to ensuring that women of any body type and with any personal requirements will have the opportunity of looking great in perfectly fitting lingerie and swimwear.

Anita Brannenburg is the home of our design and cuts development, as well as material purchasing and cutting for all our European production facilities. It is also our headquarters for our group management and the support department for our international sales and production locations. 

In addition to a materials warehouse, the location has its own cutting and preproduction departments, which supply our European sewing facilities with textiles and ancillary materials for our end products.

The idyllic location is also home to numerous design and cutting offices, where all the cuts and styles of our lingerie and swimwear collections are designed and developed, and initial samples are then sewn together by our expert in-house seamstresses. 

The know-how we gain from every single development and production step has grown into a deep and comprehensive understanding of our products. Every single day, our project managers from the development and design department work on better fits, more versatile cuts and – in collaboration with our long-term suppliers – on even more functional fabrics and ancillary materials.

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"Made in Germany” handmade mastectomies from Brannenburg and Matrei (Osttirol)

We have been manufacturing breast prostheses in a variety of shapes and sizes for over 20 years. 

We create top-quality breast prostheses by hand in our small but excellent production facilities that are unrivalled anywhere in the world.

Anita is a pioneer in the sector for breast prostheses and the only provider in the world that develops and produces shapewear and swimwear, as well as breast prostheses for affected women, in-house.

All Anita prostheses are a perfect match for Anita care bras in terms of fit, natural appearance, weight and shape, and fulfil patients’ requirements to perfection. We offer everything from a single source, which results in absolutely unique comfort for the wearer.

The making of a prosthesis is a long, drawn-out process and requires many individual work steps that are all carried out by hand. Up to 150 moulds are needed to be able to create prostheses in all shapes and sizes. These moulds are also developed and manufactured right here in Brannenburg!

The work of manager Stephan Volk consists of a great variety of tasks. In Stephan's own words: “The feeling of giving back quality of life to a woman who has had to undergo a mastectomy – by providing her with a perfect prosthesis and a matching Anita bra – that is my greatest reward.”

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1 million bras and swimsuits in stock!

When you enter the building in Kufstein, you immediately feel that special working atmosphere and, of course, the typical Tyrolean warmth. There are clean, bright workplaces for the over 100 employees spread out over more than 10,000 square metres – and a definite feel-good ambiance.

Up to 15,000 products are received and packaged here every day. That makes an average of up to 65,000 items arriving at the logistics centre every week. Then it’s off to the shelves. Around 900,000 pieces of shapewear are warehoused here, and they will be joined by another 300,000 swimwear items before the end of the year.

Ordered items then leave the warehouse on conveyor belts for shipment. That comes to around 25,000 - 30,000 shipments per month. Overall, around 4 million items leave the logistics centre on their way to retailers and specialist shops, nationally and internationally.

Andreas Perktold, Head of Logistics, ensures that everything runs smoothly. He is in charge of customs and dispatch processing and has been with the company for over 30 years. His right-hand man is Salvatore Landolfo. Salvatore is in charge of warehouse management, inventory, goods receipt and packaging of the delivered items.

Andreas Perktold can't complain about his job ever getting boring, because logistics is continuously developing and there is always something new to learn. “We are actually quite modest here, but it is safe to say that a company the size of Anita would not be able to survive without state-of-the-art and well-structured logistics. What's most important for us is very simple: top quality in terms of delivery and service!"

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1000 Metres Above Sea Level 

Europe's ‘highest’ shapewear production facility is located in Matrei, East Tyrol. Matrei is nestled between the mountains in an idyllic and beautiful landscape. It all began in 1962 with a handful of seamstresses working in the parish hall next to the church. Just six people worked there and produced the very first bras in Matrei. Expansion was soon to follow and the larger workforce moved into a new location in 1967. The company now employed 40 people.

After two extensions became necessary, there are currently 65 employees, partially from several generations, working at our production site in Matrei. Today, this location focuses solely on manufacturing high-value silicone prostheses. 

The “ANITA Family” also makes use of the beautiful location of Matrei as a recreational destination for Alpine vacations as well.

Arno Mattersberger has been in charge of the Silicone business unit since 1999, when he took over the role from his father. “Aside from the incredible beauty of the location, Matrei is well-known for its uncomplicated management style and absolute loyalty to our company”, explains Arno Mattersberger. The ‘ANITA Family’ also uses Matrei as a recreational destination for Alpine vacations.

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The birthplace of our sports bras

Our sewing facility in the Czech Republic is located in Herálec, between Prague and Brno. Under the management of Elisabeth Volárová, who has been at the facility since 2007, the employees produce shapewear and swimwear fashion with a special emphasis on Anita sports bras. And they have been doing so since 1997.

The German head office specifies in production documentation the types of shapewear and swimwear articles that are produced. The around 200 employees also receive the precut items and all ancillary materials (yarns, elastic tape and closures) from Germany. The items are then distributed across the various work groups, and then assembled by hand on specialist sewing machines. 

Our facility in the Czech Republic works very closely with the Brannenburg head office. There is daily communication regarding production, bookkeeping and HR issues. Around two thirds of the employees live in the small hamlet of Herálec, the rest commute from surrounding villages.

Managing Director Elisabeth Volárová says that “my work is never just routine and every day brings new challenges in terms of production, personnel and our products. You can only plan about 30% of the day – the rest is just dealing with whatever is needed."

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Working on the Atlantic Coast

We have been producing shapewear in our Portuguese facility in Castelo de Paiva since 1990. The location, situated near the Douro River in the Porto hinterland, is breathtakingly beautiful.

Rui Costa manages the company since 2021 and is dedicated to producing high quality products. With great attention to detail, he and his great team work on every single seam. This is noticeable to all the women who wear our lingerie.

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From Rosenheim to Yangon

Stephan Seidel has been the managing director of Anita Asia Ltd. in Myanmar since 1999: “We are a 100% manufacturing facility for sewing. We receive the pre-cut items and ancillary materials from Germany and Thailand and we sew everything together here in Myanmar.”               

As manager, it is Stephan Seidel's job to motivate his Burmese team every day and to produce excellent quality Anita and Rosa Faia products with a perfect fit.

Stephan's greatest challenge, however, is without a doubt “being responsible for the Thailand and Myanmar locations at the same time. That requires highly disciplined planning of your professional and personal life.”

Aside from the interesting way of life in the two sub-tropical nations, the cultures and mentalities in both countries are fundamentally different – and that fascinates him.

Despite his passion for Asia, Stephan is firmly rooted in Germany and specifically in his native Bavaria. “I very much appreciate the fact that I can get home 2-3 times a year to see my parents and friends!”, he says.

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Focus on Thailand 

In comparison with our sewing facility in Myanmar, our Thailand location is a vertically integrated company, making it our Anita headquarters in Asia with various functions.

Stephan Seidel, born in Rosenheim, has been the Managing Director at the Chonburi location since 2006. “Basically, all functions are set up here just like at the European head office in Brannenburg”. And since the textile industry in general has experienced a strong shift towards Asia over recent years, our Asian subsidiaries and specifically our headquarters in Thailand have grown in importance.

We are planning to utilise the subsidiary in Chonburi even more as a development and procurement platform. And that’s not only for the products manufactured in Asia, but also for the head office and markets in Europe.”

Stephan Seidel's heart will always remain in Germany and more specifically in his home town not far from the Anita head office in Brannenburg. And yet – he consciously decided to focus his life on Asia.

“Asia has always fascinated me, even back when I was still a student. I love the Asian way of life, which is firmly anchored in societal structures and social obligations – but still leaves some wriggle room when it comes to interpretation and implementation. In terms of economy, Asia has been the most dynamic region in the world for many years."

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